Solemn Night

2008-12-29 18:20:16 by Thimbletack

So I just posted my new song "Solemn Night" in the acoustic version. I hope all of you guys like it. I just got a new recording program so no more mono exports!( It doesn't do it on my new program :D ) So enjoy the song and happy new year!



2008-11-29 17:43:20 by Thimbletack

A new website idea will come out soon and I am trying to get it up as soon as possible. It will Be and will be a newgrounds for comics. thats basically going to be it. I'll tell you guys when its up.



2008-10-26 10:16:12 by Thimbletack

My website is going under heavy maintenence and I am taking the duty to change all of my comics into flash. This is going to be a big job and will take a while but when I am done the site should be lookin pretty good. Also I do find it ironic that Down The River my probably worst song is doing the best and my best song Caribbean Paradise is down to a 3.5... Anyway so enjoy life!


New stuff

2008-08-31 13:18:26 by Thimbletack

My new song Honolulu is now out! It is a short loop similair to Caribbean Paradise but it has a new rythm and a new tune. I am in the making of a flash game of puzzles. Everybody loves puzzles, especially when they have HINTS! Enjoy the new song!


**EDIT**WOW everyone zero bombed honolulu... they probably didnt even listen to it! it went from 8 votes and 4.30 to 3.88 and 12 votes! ugh i h8 people that do that.

Please go to my website... i make comcis but i dont have flash yet so they look very poor in the graphics way but they are very fun the website is also look out for my new song i am trying to post i dont think its been approved yet but it sould be cool.